May 22, 2018


Heartbreak and summer are two things country music does better than any other genre. This year’s crop of great summertime jams is mixed with a tinge of sadness and some much-needed nostalgia


Morgan Wallen had the song of summer 2018 before Florida Georgia Line even joined him on the recording. It’s a drinking song at a slow and easy summer beat, which is pretty much the formula for great summer music.

NUMBER 2 “I Was Jack (You Were Diane)”

Jake Owen’s new single adds nostalgia to your summer mix to create a brilliant addition to this summer playlist. His remix of the John Mellencamp hits a warm spot in our evolution as music junkies. Plus, if it’s Jake Owen, it’s probably pretty great for summer!

NUMBER 3 “Meant To Be”

This earworm reached its peak on the country charts before summer began, it’s going to be several months before you have a chance to forget about it. Not that we’re complaining! There may not be a better song for the beach — a place where you just let life kind of happen.

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