April 3, 2018

Remmi Has The Perfect Bleak Pop Song For Your Financial Woes

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You don’t have to listen closely to hear the rage in Remmi’s “Minimum Wage,” a fusion of pop and politics so tightly woven it feels like it’s going to explode.

“The federal minimum wage is $7.25,” Remmi reminds us at the beginning of the song. She adds, “That’s some bleak shit.” In the video for the song, which drops today, the colors are saturated and cheerful, but Remmi herself is decidedly not. Dressed in a floral frock and working behind the counter at a fast food restaurant, she deadpans to the camera, a la The Office, as if to say, ‘Isn’t this dumb?’

Remmi, 29, is also about ready to explode. The Nashville-based artist has been pursuing music since she graduated from the University of Central Florida, working minimum wage jobs along the way to support her creative work. She didn’t want to be a political musician, she tells me over the phone — Remmi is just as blunt as her music — but the past year made politics and pop seem like inevitable companions.

“In the last couple of years, I’ve kind of tried to get away from being super political creatively. And I’ve just been, like, you know, ‘Everything sucks right now, so it’s cool to use creativity to create a respite from all of that and just have a good time,'” she tells Refinery29. Her most recent single before the release of “Minimum Wage” was a collaboration with DJ NVDES called “Do Your Thing.” A low-fi celebration of sexual freedom, the song ended up in an iPhone X commercial this January. For “Minimum Wage,” Remmi and her co-writers wanted something ever-so-slightly political. Politics in music can lend itself to bland, sweeping generalizations — think the type of songs that become campaign anthems. “Minimum Wage” skirts this by being personal and just a little bit stupid.


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