April 13, 2018

Jake Owen on His New Record Label, Small-Town Life and ‘Daddy-Daughter Doughnut Day’

Of course, a big part of his happiness is his 5-year-old daughter, Pearl, who will start kindergarten next fall. One of his favorite recent memories? Daddy-daughter doughnut day.

“I flew down to Florida to go have some doughnuts with her,” he shares. “I went down and hung out with her and she was pretty excited to show me her teachers and all the stuff she’s learning. She’s learning Spanish and reading right now. It was a super big deal to me, but it’s so fulfilling to see her be so excited to show people her daddy. To her, I’m not the singer Jake Owen, I’m just dad,” he reflects, noting how awesome it was to mix in with all the other dads and be a regular guy.

Music-wise, Owen is also in a groove. He’s been keeping busy these past few months between working on a variety of “projects” with his new label, Big Loud Records.

“Just the passion they have for not just music, but everybody in the building is passionate for each other as far as what their jobs are and they all are working really hard,” he says of the record label, which also has Chris Lane, Morgan Wallen, and Jillian Jacqueline. “What I like about Big Loud Records is that they don’t necessarily have one thing that they do. They’re open to any kind of creative artistry. They’ve really made me feel at home over there, I’m happy to be there.”

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