August 10, 2016

Introducing… Chris Lane: Part 2

It’s been just a few days since Chris Lane released his debut album, Girl Problems. While the singer is excited to have new music out there, he acknowledges the title of the album might throw some people off. But not to worry, he says, just listen to the message behind the title track.

“I recorded a song called ‘Girl Problems.’ The thing I loved about the song, the spinoff is that when you look at the song title, you automatically think ‘oh this is the bad kind of girl problems.’ You know what I mean,” Lane told Sounds Like Nashville during an interview at Nashville’s Acme Feed & Seed. “But the spinoff is it’s the good kind of girl problems that you don’t want to get rid of.”

The full-length project would soon be named after the play-on-words track.

“…I started listening to the songs back, I started looking at the song titles and thought to myself, ‘wow, that would make a perfect album title,’” he explained. “There seems to be type of theme going on with this record and every song seems to be about some kind of girl problem.”

Another kind of “Girl Problem” is found in the track, “For Her,” the potential second single to follow up his recent No.1 “Fix.”

“It’s a song I really love. I call it my Backstreet Boys moment on my record,” he said. “I wanted a song that I could go out there every single night and dedicate to all the girls in the room, even the couples in the room. I make this song all about them.”

See what else Lane told us about his debut project, writing with Sarah Buxton and his hopes for the project in the video above. The singer will be featured as our Introducing… artist of the month throughout August. Check out Part 1 HERE.

Fans can keep up with Chris Lane on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Be sure to pick up your copy of Girl Problems HERE.


Article By: Lauren Laffer

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