December 14, 2015

Glamour Magazine: The Music We’re Loving

Welcome back, music aficionados, to Glamour‘s second installment of #ListenWithUs. We hope you enjoyed last week’s mix! Somewhere in between New York City’s 60 degree December weather and the deluge of Christmas carols blasting out of the sidewalks comes the music on our playlist this week: We’ve got Saturday Night Live‘s crowd pleasing musical guest (and perhaps one of their only unsigned performers ever) and some long-lasting playlist favorites. Listen with us, won’t you?

Chance the Rapper, “Somewhere in Paradise” (featuring Jeremih and R. Kelly)
This Chicago boy sure knows how to turn the charm on and has set quite a strong example for independent musicians everywhere. After dropping clues of new music last week on social media, the Saturday Night Livefirst-timer debuted “Somewhere in Paradise” on this weekend’s show and then quickly released the track for our listening pleasure. (And he admitted to having a comedy-crush on Cecily!)

Kygo, “Stay” (featuring Maty Noyes)
Norweigan DJ/producer Kygo has found his forte—and he continues to deliver, bringing us another new dose tropical pop which literally makes every mundane activity so much more fun. His latest, “Stay,” hits all the right notes, and we can’t wait to see Kygo soar.

The Weeknd, “In the Night”
We’ve loved this track since Beauty Behind the Madness came out, but with the release of the new “Thriller”-esque video (watch it here) and Tesfaye’s fantastic performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Tuesday, the song has a rejuvenated shelf life. Love when that happens.

Troye Sivan, “Youth”
After Fletcher turned us onto Troye in her candid Glamour interview this week, we’ve totally joined his fan club. The actor turned musician has a genuine appreciation for his followers (as demonstrated by his heartfelt social channels), and we’re feeling more youthful just listening to him.

Savages, “The Answer”
After hearing the second single off of their upcoming sophomore album out in January, Adore Life, we are most certainly intrigued by the punk-rock style of these four British badass babes. They give just the right dose of jolt to the senses, and they’re the first to admit that their second album will be “a beast” (via SPIN).

Alessia Cara, “Here”
The strength and range in 18-year-old Alessia Caracciolo’s voice is jaw dropping (it’s no surprise that Amy Winehouse is her favorite artist ever), and this girl’s got lasting power on our playlists and minds. We’ve been listening to “Here” for some time now—but we wanted to make sure she was on your track list too.

Chris Lane, “Fix
The new single off of Lane’s EP not only has sexy and totally repeatable lyrics (“I got that love medicinal I’ll make you feel invincible I’m more than recreational”), but it’s one of the most fun, unique pop/country song we’ve heard in some time. Listen and you’ll know why.

Alanis Morissette, “You Oughta Know”
Because the recent resurgence of the iconic Ms. Morissette has us asking, CAN WE PLEASE HAVE SOME NEW MUSIC, PLEASE PLEASE?

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