May 24, 2016

Florida Georgia Line: “We Don’t Hide Anything”

There used to be a line in the sand. Fans were on one side, and stars were on the other.

But now, thanks in part to social media and the willingness to make that social media part of everyday life, that line seems to be fading.

“In the past, artists used to kind of put a wall up. They’d only let fans into their lives to a certain extent,” Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard told me when we caught up right before the band’s Dig Your Roots tour kicked off.

“But in our lives, we don’t hide anything. We want to be transparent. We want everyone to see the good times, the bad times, everything. And I think our fans appreciate that.”

So if he and his wife go bowling (“This is how we bowl”) and or he’s wishing his mom a happy mother’s day (“a perfect example of a Godly mother, friend and dance partner), Hubbard shares it all. His wife does, too. Even if it’s a photo of their sweaty #wednesdayworkoutsquad, with Hubbard, Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren.

“It’s a beautiful thing. Because when you share everything, then you have a built-in support system with your fan base. To keep them in our lives is important to us. They connect with our music and with us,” he said.

Hubbard thinks their fan base makes them better at what they do and who they are.

“We try to surround ourselves with people who are positive influences,” he explained, “who lift us up and encourage us to be better men.”

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