August 15, 2016

Florida Georgia Line on Streaming Music: ‘It’s Something We Should Embrace’

Like many artists, Florida Georgia Line are trying to wrap their heads around the positives and negatives of music streaming services. At a recent album preview event in Nashville, Tenn., the duo said they are supporters of each and every way they can get their music to the masses.

“I personally love it. Anyway to get the music out there to the people, let’s do it,” Tyler Hubbard explains (quote via Sounds Like Nashville). “I think the music industry is always evolving, and as soon as we think we have it figured out and everyone is making money, guess what? We don’t and everyone’s broke again.”

Florida Georgia Line’s success has much to do with listeners’ ability to stream their music. According to Pandora, the duo are the top spinning artist on the music platform’s Today’s Country station.

“I think it’s something we should embrace and something we should evolve with, and remold the business model to make it benefit us,” Hubbard adds. “I mean, nobody is selling 3.5 million copies of anything anymore and when we hear the numbers of streams it’s just like, ‘Well, obviously that’s what’s going on so let’s figure out how to cash in on it.’”

At a Q&A session before their showcase in Nashville, Hubbard and Brian Kelley introduced Old Camp Whiskey, their new brand of whiskey. The duo explained how the venture just made sense, as they had been doing so much for Fireball Whiskey that having their own label seemed like the next step.

Dig Your Roots drops on Aug. 26. The album’s debut single “H.O.L.Y.” has already reached No. 1.

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