February 25, 2016

Florida Georgia Line Eager to Mentor Kane Brown on Dig Your Roots Tour

It’s difficult to miss similarities between how Florida Georgia Line started their career and Kane Brown is launching his. Both began with a lot of heat before releasing their first “official” single. Both elicited strong opinions from fans and critics before they had a chance to release an album. Both had a large group of diehard fans that artists two or three times their experience level would give up a hit for.

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard recognizes these similarities, although he admits he and his bandmate Brian Kelley don’t know Brown well enough yet to know if they have much in common offstage.

“We’re looking forward to kind of mentoring him a little bit the way that Luke (Bryan) and Jason (Aldean) mentored us,” Hubbard says about Brown, the Dig Your Roots Tour opening act. “We were the first of three with Luke a couple of years ago and we learned so much from him,” he adds. “We hope to do the same thing with guys like Kane.”

Cole Swindell and the Cadillac Three will also be on the tour, which begins in May. That means some of country’s top songwriters will be on the road together every weekend this summer, and no one plans to let that opportunity go to waste. Hubbard says they’re brining an extra bus for songwriters and hope to write for each other’s albums.

Despite a note on Wikipedia, Dig Your Roots is not the name of FGL’s third album — at least not yet, anyway. Hubbard says he and Kelley haven’t gotten that far, but admits it’s the title of a song on the new album. The project promises to be personal, but in addition to songs that reflect changes in the two singers’ lives (including their marriages), they enjoyed putting themselves in someone else’s shoes and writing from their perspective.

“That’s the beautiful thing about being a songwriter, being a creator, is being able to do that,” Hubbard says.

Look for a new song during either their ACM or iHeartRadio Awards performances in April. “Confession” is the duo’s current single, their fifth from the Anything Goes album. Hubbard admits it’s a song that strikes a chord with them daily and they’re hearing the same from fans.

“I think everybody needs to do that every now and then,” he explains. “Assess who you are, assess where you’re at. Be honest with yourself and figure out if that’s who you wanna be.”

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