April 21, 2016

Florida Georgia Line, ‘Dig Your Roots’: Everything You Need to Know

Florida Georgia Line‘s Dig Your Roots album is loosely set for an August release, but Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are practically bursting in an attempt to hold in info. Recently they shared the album’s title and a huge collaboration that was cemented at the 2016 ACM Awards. A list of songs and songwriters has not been released yet, but we’ve assembled all details we’re sure of here.

The Single:

Florida Georgia Line’s first single from Dig Your Roots will be released in late April. Expect a song that will cause you to look differently at the duo, like you did when they released “Dirt.

The Producer:

Joey Moi will return to produce his third Florida Georgia Line album. Moi is responsible for the powerful sound the duo is known for; however, it sounds like he’ll scale back for certain songs on Dig Your Roots.

The Songs:

Kelley and Hubbard say expect more mature songs on Dig Your Roots. “It’s a man album,” Kelley tells Taste of Country, adding that there will be some married guy songs on the project. “Some married guys who still like to party songs,” Hubbard says, clarifying.

The title track was penned in 2015 and the group tell Country Countdown USA it represents the album as a whole. “I should say that BK has some more lead vocals on this album,” Hubbard says. “Like he’s singing the whole song on three songs on the album.”

Tim McGraw will also join the duo for an “anthem,” but thus far they’ve been quiet about the details, other than saying it’s “Round Here” meets “Dirt.” The first single is expected in April 2016. Early insider reviews say it is indeed a game-changing song for FGL. Few deny that it will be a smash.

The Tour:

The Dig Your Roots Tour begins in May in Tupelo, Miss. and runs through October. Cole Swindell, the Cadillac Three and newcomer Kane Brown are set to open. Previously FGL’s Hubbard shared that he looks forward to mentoring the “Used to Love You Sober” singer, as he knows what it’s like to be viewed as an overnight success.

The Scoop:

Florida Georgia Line’s Dig Your Roots is expected in August.

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