December 5, 2012

Florida Georgia Line “Cruise” to Country Stardom

Florida Georgia Line‘s debut CD, Here’s to the Good Times, hits shelves today (Dec. 4), and the title couldn’t be more appropriate. The duo, comprised of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, started out making music together purely for the fun of it, before they quickly realized they had something unique and almost magical together. Their first single, “Cruise,” earned platinum status (signifying sales of more than one million copies) after only four months — a feat that Brian predicted long before the tune hit the airwaves.
“When we were in the studio, we were starting to record the song and track the vocals, and BK (Brian) said, ‘We’re going to sell a million copies of these,'” Tyler tells The Boot. “I was like, ‘Dude, you’re crazy. You’re out of your mind.’ At the time, we were maybe selling a couple thousand songs a week of our old stuff. When we sit down and pinch each other and think about it, that a million people bought our songs, it’s a little bit crazy.”
The pair hope to draw in even more fans with their 11-song CD. “There’s something for everybody on the album,” Brian maintains. “Every song is something a little bit different.
‘Cruise’ gave our listeners a good taste of what we’re all about, sound-wise. It’s a feel-good song, but I think with every song on the album, people are going to be a little bit surprised and will get a glimpse of what we can do. There’s a little bit of hip-hop, a little bit of rock, little bit of this, little bit of that in every song, so they’re not going to get sick of the album. There’s not a song that they would necessarily skip.”
The duo recently sat down With The Boot to talk about how they met, their sexy video shoot for “Cruise,” being invited to tour with Luke Bryan and their addiction to tattoos. Watch our exclusive video interview with Florida Georgia Line below.
Watch Our Interview With Florida Georgia Line:

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