May 24, 2017

Five things about country star Dallas Smith

Canadian country star Dallas Smith is one of the first performers at Rogers Place.

What’s one of the side effects of rock ‘n’ roll stardom?

Apart from liver failure or jail time, you might be hit with the urge to dabble in country music.

In Dallas Smith‘s case, his leap from Default frontman to urban cowboy was as effortless as roping turtles. He’s notched a Juno, a Canadian Country Music Award and 10 Top 10 hits.

• Side Effects, released Sept. 2, is Smith’s third country album in four years. While he co-wrote some of the tunes on his debut, Jumped Right In, his latest features 13 songs by some of Nashville’s finest tunesmiths, including Ashley Gorley, Shane McAnally and Jimmy Robbins (One Little Kiss), and Rodney Clawson and Jamie Moore (50/50). “I like writing by myself but the whole co-write thing, where you get into the office from nine to five, is weird to me,” says Smith, who lives in Vancouver. “I think it’s a matter of doing it repetitively and being comfortable with it to make yourself successful at it. I don’t spend enough time in Nashville to do that. But I can see myself being down there more in the future.”

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