February 5, 2016

Chris Lane’s Got Your “Fix”

Chris Lane’s “Fix” is a long way from some of his first videos.

Because before the country newcomer was signed to a Nashville record label, he kind of took things into his own hands.

“Heck, back in the day, when I’d just first recorded my own music, we did our own music videos,” Lane told me when he was in Chicago last week. “And they were … well … they are what they are.

“I did four videos, and it actually really helped me out because it made it look like we had stuff going on,” he laughed. “People bought into that. We made it look larger than life.”

When Lane was just getting his music career off the ground in North Carolina, he was all about looking larger than life.

“The first show I ever played, I barely even knew how to play guitar. And I only knew 10 songs. It was a lot of Keith Urban, Eric Church and Jason Aldean. But I went to this bar in Kernersville called JP Looneys and convinced this guy that I could pack the place out,” Lane recalled. “He said, ‘I’ll give you $450 to play a three-hour show with a full band.’ I would’ve done it for free.”

Since Lane only knew 10 songs, he figured he’d just play each song three times. And since he didn’t have a full band, he called two buddies and promised them each $100 to stand on the stage and act like they were playing.

Now, though, Lane has put his fake bands and short set lists and homemade videos behind him and has collaborated with one of country music’s hottest directors, TK McKamy, for “Fix.”

They shot the video for the song — written by Sarah Buxton, Jesse Frasure and Abe Stoklasa — on a cold night at an airport hangar in Smyrna, Tennessee.

“It was so cold that night we shot this video,” he said. “So cold. And I had to be out there in a short sleeve shirt. And TK was like, ‘If you have to be a short sleeve shirt, I’m gonna be in a short sleeve shirt.’”

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