June 14, 2018

Chris Lane Announces New Album ‘Laps Around the Sun,’ Reveals Track List & Release Date: Exclusive

As his Tori Kellycollaboration “Take Back Home Girl” has taken over country radio airwaves,Chris Lane has been piecing together his next album. And next month, his hard work will pay off: Lane’s next LP arrives July 13.

Titled Laps Around the Sun, the 14-track album marks Lane’s sophomore effort. But for Lane, Laps Around the Sun is more than just his second record; it’s a representation of his growth as an artist.

“I’ve learned a lot,” Lane tells Billboard. “With my first record, I was trying to figure out exactly what kind of sound I wanted to have, and now I know. I know what I truly love and what kind of artist I want to be. My goal was to make sure anyone who hears this album finds a song they can relate to. I hope I accomplished that.”

Lane’s album process was also a bit more organic this time around, as the 33-year-old singer recorded with a live band for the first time. As he was choosing songs for the album, Lane reflected on why he fell in love with country music in the first place, both allowing him to fine-tune his artistry and allowing fans to see who he truly is.

“Take Back Home Girl” is the first track on the album, which will also feature previously released tracks “Old Flame” and “All the Right Problems,” which Lane put out on the four-song Take Back Home EP last year. Starting Friday, fans can preorder Laps Around the Sun​ and will receive the track “Fishin'” upon ordering.

Check out Lane’s Laps Around the Sun artwork and track list below.

Laps Around the Sun

Take Back Home Girl (feat. Tori Kelly)
Drunk People
I Don’t Know About You
Laps Around The Sun
Bad Girl
New Phone, Who’s This
All The Right Problems
Life Goes On
Sun Kiss You
Number One
Old Flame
Without You (feat. Danielle Bradbery)

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