February 12, 2016

Chris Lane and other Country starts share unfiltered feelings

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day weekend, and nothing gets the conversation going about romance like pulling out some of those conversation hearts. You remember them, right? You’d pass them out in your classroom on Valentine’s Day or maybe give one to the guy or girl you were crushing on?

As I sat down with a random group of country singers in the days leading up to V-Day, I decided to pull out some of those candy conversation hearts and have the singers tell me the first things that popped into their heads. As you may have guessed, the answers got pretty twisted and hilarious.

Joe Nichols showed off his wacky sense of humor when I pulled out a candy heart that said “Giggle.” His response: “Let’s hope that not what she comes out of the bathroom to the bedroom.”

Dustin Lynch said the “Sweet Pea” heart made him think of his niece and nephew, but the “True Blue” made him think of his ultimate celebrity crush — Reba McEntire.

Newcomer Chris Lane could only think of Grammy nominee Tori Kelley when I pulled out the “True Love” heart, and Parmalee melted into hysterics when they were presented with a heart that says “Nuts 4 U.”

Billy Currington also got the “Nuts 4 U” heart, but it lead to me wondering if he had ever visited comedian Roseanne Barr’s actual nut farm in Hawaii. Billy spends a lot of time in Hawaii, but alas, he had no clue what I was talking about when it came to Roseanne and nuts.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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