August 15, 2016

Brian Kelley Taking the Lead on New Florida Georgia Line Album

Florida Georgia Line has been hard at work prepping for the release of their third studio album, Dig Your Roots. On their previous two records, Tyler Hubbard of the duo has taken the lead vocal part on just about every track. But now it’s time to give the other half of the band, Brian Kelley, a chance to take over.

“B.K. has lead on a few more songs which is really cool,” Hubbard commented during their recent album release party in Nashville. “It was fun to do that in the studio. It came about organically, there were just some songs that lent themselves to BK singing them.”

The new album is a reflection of the growth FGL has gone through since previous projects. They explore new topics, such as married life and the loss of parents, themes that go deeper than before. Due to that, the nature of some of the tracks are so personal to FGL, it is only fitting for Kelley to sing them himself.

“Obviously some of the songs were really personally and only BK could sing,” Hubbard continued. “Some others just needed to have his voice on it, bottom line.”

Of course Hubbard will still play his part and be featured on his share of the tracks. But it will be nice to give Kelley a chance to show off his talent for the good of the album.

“He just sounded better and really it just fit. It was organic and it was perfect,” Hubbard bragged on his buddy. “Usually we say better is better, that’s always been our motto and on some of these songs it was definitely better having B.K. singing lead.”

Dig Your Roots is slated for release on August 26. The album is available for pre-order now.



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