July 29, 2016

Big Loud Mountain Partners Seth And Craig Are Listed On Billboard 2016 Nashville Power Players List

Billboard’s 2016 Nashville Power Players List Revealed: Who Rules Music City?

The list includes many amazing industry professionals including our very own Big Loud Team partners Seth England and Craig Wiseman under the Publishing section!!


Partner, Big Loud Shirt 


Owner, Big Loud Shirt; partner, Big Loud Records and Management; songwriter 

Wiseman is still writing hit songs — such as Blake Shelton’s “Came Here to Forget,” which topped the June 11 Country Airplay chart — but he also administers publishing for a stable of ­songwriters at Big Loud Shirt. Their success has put the company among the top 10 music ­publishers in 12 of the last 15 quarters. He sold a chunk of equity in the firm’s catalog to Round Hill Music in 2014, but the two companies split future ­signings. Wiseman credits England with keeping his Big Loud publishing and artist management operations running at peak performance, saying, “He’s the Scooter Braun of Nashville.”

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