January 28, 2016


With a provocative new pop-leaning sound to introduce, country newcomer Chris Lane wanted to make sure the video for his addictive single, “Fix,” grabbed people’s attention and didn’t let go. Guided by director TK McKamy, he accomplished that goal, and now he’s showing fans how.

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip, Chris and TK reveal some of the details behind the sexy, mysterious video—one that includes an iconic muscle car, an empty airport hanger and a disappearing hottie. Speaking over the phone, Chris tells Nash Country Weekly that from his point of view, the girl of his dreams is meant to seem just out of reach.

Go Behind the Scenes on the “Fix” Music Video


“It was the whole ‘She’s too good to be true’ kind of thing,” he says. “She’s just a figment of my imagination and she keeps disappearing.”

Chris came up with the original idea for the video, but TK took the kernel of a story and ran with it, eventually leading a shoot that lasted from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. on one of the coldest days in November. In addition to TK’s creativity, Chris was also impressed with his team spirit—even though it was freezing cold in Nashville, the director insisted on wearing a short-sleeved shirt just like Chris had to.

“I was like ‘Dude, you can put on a coat,’ Chris says. “He was like ‘Nope, if you’ve gotta do it, I’m gonna do it.’”

The singer and his gorgeous co-star Cheyenne McCann had never met before, but Chris says they hit it off right away and still text each other to this day. And although he’s more of a truck guy than a muscle-car buff, the North-Carolina native knows a classic when he sees one.

“That car was a ’69 Camaro, a really cool car,” he says. “I didn’t get to drive it around, but I did sit in it—with the heat on,” he says with a laugh.

All in all, Chris says working with a film crew and director like TK made him feel like he’s finally in the big leagues.

“Early on, I created my own music videos, so this is a lot better,” he admits. “I like to put my input in, but to not have to deal with the headaches and everything makes it a lot more fun. . . . [TK]’s great, he made me feel comfortable on camera, and that’s the difference between working with somebody who’s professional instead of just a buddy.”

Chris’ six-song EP, also called Fix, is available now. He is currently the opening act on Dustin Lynch’s Hell of a Night Tour.

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