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With Big Loud / Back Blocks Music country artist Ashley Cooke, it’s best to know what you’re getting into – because this emerging star is the definition of more than meets the eye. A graceful exterior matched by a casual-cool nature. Skillfully crafted lyrics and a knack for unforgettable performance. Effortless vocal beauty and a bold sense of internal grit, freely mixing it up with the boys while she rallies the girls. And most important, a passion for capturing the magic between heartbeats, each moment as unique as she is. Still early in her journey, being herself has already served Cooke well. It’s led to chart climbing hits like “Never Til Now” with Brett Young, national TV appearances on ABC’s The Bachelorette, tours with Cole Swindell, Jordan Davis and more.

Hailing from Parkland, Fla. and moved by emotional hit makers like Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Kelly Clarkson and more, Cooke embraces the energy of pop and depth of country, writing her first song by age 11. Cooke moved to Nashville at 18 and attended the prestigious Belmont University – but unlike so many others, she did not study music. After entering the schools revered Country Showcase on a whim and winning, Cooke decided to pursue music for a year. When the pandemic had other plans, Cooke went to TikTok where she built a thriving fanbase, writing and sharing country music on her own terms – and in many ways, she’s still putting melodies to her journal entries today. Vivid and emotionally pure, her sun-kissed blend of two-lane pop is often inspired by true tales of love, loss, and living, matching raw relatability and deeply addictive hooks.

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Ashley Cookeget youAshley Cooke, Jacob Durrett, John ByronJuly 21, 2023ashley-cooke jacob-durrett john-byron publishing
Ashley Cookegood to be backAshley CookeJuly 21, 2023ashley-cooke
Ashley Cookegood thing goingAshley CookeJuly 21, 2023ashley-cooke
Ashley Cookenext to youAshley CookeJuly 21, 2023ashley-cooke
Ashley Cookegonna getAshley CookeJuly 21, 2023ashley-cooke
Ashley Cookei almost doAshley CookeJuly 21, 2023ashley-cooke
Ashley Cooketryin' to love youAshley CookeJuly 21, 2023ashley-cooke
Ashley Cookestate i'm inAshley CookeJuly 21, 2023ashley-cooke
Ashley Cookemoving on with graceAshley Cooke, Rocky BlockJuly 21, 2023ashley-cooke rocky-block publishing
Ashley Cookeyour placeAshley Cooke, Mark TrussellJuly 21, 2023ashley-cooke mark-trussell publishing
Ashley Cookesee you aroundAshley CookeJuly 21, 2023ashley-cooke
Ashley Cookeenough to leaveAshley CookeJuly 7, 2023ashley-cooke
Ashley Cookeshot in the darkAshley CookeJune 23, 2023ashley-cooke
Ashley Cooketastes likeAshley CookeJune 23, 2023ashley-cooke
Ashley Cookemean girlAshley CookeJune 23, 2023ashley-cooke
Ashley Cookeit's been a yearAshley CookeDecember 6, 2022ashley-cooke
Ashley Cookerunning backAshley CookeNovember 18, 2022ashley-cooke
Ashley Cookedirt on 'emAshley CookeNovember 18, 2022ashley-cooke
Ashley Cookegetting intoAshley CookeAugust 12, 2022ashley-cooke
Ashley Cookenever til nowAshley CookeApril 1, 2022ashley-cooke
Ashley CookeUnderAshley Cooke, John Byron, Rocky BlockAugust 27, 2021ashley-cooke john-byron rocky-block publishing
Ashley CookeFirst Time LastAshley CookeAugust 27, 2021ashley-cooke
Ashley CookeOpposite Of LoveAshley CookeAugust 27, 2021ashley-cooke
Ashley CookeGood GoodbyeAshley CookeAugust 27, 2021ashley-cooke
Ashley CookeJealous Of The SkyAshley CookeOctober 13, 2020ashley-cooke
Ashley CookeStrangersAshley CookeJune 12, 2020ashley-cooke

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